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Typ Timerrelais
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5V-30V relay, the relay can control the maximum 250V, 10A AC load and 30V, 10A DC load control terminals connected mode: NC / COM / NO

1. Operating mode: the initial state, module outputs: normally open (NO) and the common terminal (COM) is disconnected, normally closed (NC) and the common terminal (COM) connected.
Providing a low pulse signal, or touch trigger key, relay and indicator lights, the output of the state: normally open (NO) and Common (COM) connected, normally closed (NC) and the common terminal (COM) is disconnected. After 0-24 seconds (this time can be adjusted according to your needs) relay off, back to the state before the trigger.

2. The length of timing adjustment by potentiometer, default 0-24 seconds. If you need more time, you can replace the larger capacitor (C2) or potentiometer. Delay time T = 1.1RC. For example: 22uf capacitor and resistor 1M, then T = 1.1 * 0.000022 * 1000000 = 24.2 seconds.

Wiring Diagram:http://baqi.vekinerp.com/google/data/upload/wiki/20160203145729.jpg

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